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Visiting Walkerville

Walkerville - remote, rarefied and real

Rugged nature, the enchantment of the elements, the rustic rawness of stunning sea! This is a true secluded getaway...blissful solitude, the solemnity of the ocean caves, the rich lush hinterland just a hint away from the coast. Great for a rolling walk amidst the grazers and the green slopes.

And he coast? Old limestone and greenstone country - stratified rock and headlands that herald in the perpetuating glories of nature and the new day. Explore the old lime kilns along the rocks. There's the Limeburners Walk along the cliffs. Gorgeous getaway country...gallivant in paradise! Wild, free, fresh. Superlative natural surroundings and of course the sun, the surf...

Entrancing eco-holidaying that encapsulates the environment. Enticing landforms and the rich wildlife area untouched by interference!

Holiday houses, camping with do-it-yourself supplies. The cute little general store! Walk that bay - perfect at low tide. And you will want to wander over to Wyberg Cave! Legend has it old Martin Wyberg stashed his treasure of gold coins there! Is the booty still buried there?

Walkerville...wild...what more could we want?


  • Cape Liptrap Coastal Park
  • Cape Liptrap Lighthouse
  • Limeburners Walk

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