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Advertise your accommodation

Why advertise with us?

Many holidaymakers or travellers are looking for beach accommodation that is genuinely located close to the beach. At Beach Stays, all accommodation displayed is within 500 metres walk of the beach or coastline in Victoria. Target those people looking to stay close to the beach and showcase your property's ideal location by listing it with us.


Contents of your advertisement

Your advertisement can contain as many of the following features as you like:

  • Descriptive text (unlimited, but within reason)
  • Photographs (unlimited, but within reason)
  • Tariffs and specials
  • Membership details (chain and/or star rating)
  • Google location map
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Website address
  • Instant on-line booking link

With all your details listed, prospective guests can contact you directly or make a booking using any number of methods you wish to provide - telephone, email, by visiting your website or using your on-line booking facility.

Listing your property on Beach Stays is also a good way of attracting more people to visit your website if you have one.


Website facts

  • Beach Stays was officially launched in May 2011.
  • Over 175 accommodation properties which are located within 500 metres walk of the coastline in Victoria are listed.
  • On average, the Beach Stays website receives approximately 800 unique visitors each day. View the website visitor statistics for full details.

How much it costs

Advertising your accommodation with Beach Stays is FREE OF CHARGE if your accommodation is listed with Travel Victoria. A listing on the Travel Victoria website costs $70 per year.

There are no charges or commissions on enquiries or bookings as all your contact details are provided so prospective guests deal with you directly.


How to advertise

Go to the Travel Victoria accommodation advertising page and submit the details of your accommodation property. When supplying your details, ensure that you mention a free listing on "Beach Stays" in the comments section.

Once your advertisement is published on Travel Victoria, it will then appear on Beach Stays.

Updates can be made to your advertisement at any time, as often as you like, at no cost. Any changes you make to your advertisement on Travel Victoria will automatically be propagated to your advertisement on Beach stays, ensuring you only need to maintain your listing in one place.