Advertise your accommodation

Why advertise with us?

Many holidaymakers or travellers are looking for beach accommodation that is genuinely located close to the beach. At Beach Stays, all accommodation displayed is within 500 metres walk of the beach or coastline in Victoria. Target those people looking to stay close to the beach and showcase your property's ideal location by listing it with us.

Website facts

Beach Stays lists over 180 accommodation properties which are located within 500 metres walk of the beach or coastline in Victoria. The Beach Stays website receives up to 300 visitors each day. View the website visitor statistics for full details.

Your listing

All your contact details are published, allowing prospective guests to enquire or book directly with you. It is also a good way of attracting more people to visit your website if you have one.

How to advertise

To advertise, go to the Travel Victoria accommodation advertising page and submit the details of your accommodation. Your advertisement will then be designed and published on both the Travel Victoria and Beach Stays websites. If your property is dog friendly, you are also eligible for a complimentary listing on the Dogs On Holidays website.

Annual listing fees are $70, with no more to pay. Add in extra properties for a discounted rate.