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Visiting Rye

Rye - superb the whole year round

Try the trail rides along the ocean beach...the click and canter of hooves on the sand. Play in the bay with its calm and genteel waters lapping at your feet. Picnic in the sweeping grounds of the foreshore park, beneath coast tea-trees whistling in the breeze. The pier's so pretty! Perfect for fishing, family and feeding the birds, its stark white bollards like soldiers guarding this blindingly beautiful bay.

Who's for a tour down to White Cliffs? There's the old Lime Burner's kiln - a glimpse into a bygone time. Do we camp, do we budget or do we luxuriate resort style? Unlimited options for all.

There's St Andrews Beach for a perfect break. Learners on the long boards and sure-footed on the shorts! And on-board The Enterprize you can test your skills on a true tall-ship...hop on for a sail at Rye.

Shops, cafes, even hinterland delights. Try the wineries, or strawberry picking with the kids. And when it's time to wind down, rest in the region's most rejuvenating waters, hot springs and the sizzle of a Turkish steam room to help slough off the tension and the stress.


  • Lime Burners Kiln at White Cliffs
  • Mornington Peninsula National Park
  • Peninsula Hot Springs
  • Rye Ocean Beach
  • Rye Pier

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